They’re being used!

Just last Saturday Celic, Xico, Nacho and I go to El Rosario, we have a meeting with some ROTARAC coming from cities of our District. This young people were transported on, guessssss on what vehicle..????!!!

YES… in Lethbridge school bus…!!

Now you know this bus is and will be very useful for the rotarians activities

Dulce Maciel
Cochairwoman – Mazatlan
Rotary Youth Exchange
District 4150 MEXICO

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Friday 18 March 2011

Almost Got Arrested…twice.

After 3 hours of sleep we were on the road again….the last stretch!!

Jim and Don had already left at 5:00 a.m. with the smok’in bus. (good thing we arrived in time to see them off). Three hours out of Mazatlan, Wayne finally discovered the two-way radio. As you can imagine, he took over the air time when all of a sudden their bus got pulled over by the Federalizes. As we do in Canada, we stay in the vehicle until the police come to your vehicle. That is exactly what Barrie did. After about 30 seconds a second police car pulled up. With their hand on their side near their gun, they approached their vehicle. The police were concerned because in Mexico the driver is supposed to get out of their vehicle and approach the police. Who knew???

It wasn’t even 30 minutes later and one of the Grand Prairie ‘chic’ drivers got pulled over. She batted her brown eyes… said we are Rotarians from Canada, and they let us all go. We arrived in Mazatlan at 1:00 a.m. to a cheering crowd of bomaderes (Fire fighters). What a wonderful welcome. It was very heartfelt and with sincere appreciation for what we have done.

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Thursday 17 March 2011

Hurry Up and Wait!! Bored at the Border!!

We made it across the Border in record time – 13 hours – ugh!!

The good news is we broke all the rules of eating Mexican food at the only Border restaurant and Montezuma’s revenge didn’t get to us.

There are a lot of Mexican truck driver’s who are thankful for us taking up 8 bays so that they didn’t have to empty their container loads. We finally got the OK at 10:30 p.m. (we were at the border at 9:30 a.m.) and the convoy proceeded to Hermosillo arriving at 4:00 a.m. What Rotarians won’t do for the good of Rotary!


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Wednesday 16 March 2011

Almost got arrested…

“Campbell” was driving the bus that was pulled over by the Sheriff. Of course “Campbell” left his wallet and driver’s license in Lethbridge!!!

Thank heavens for our fearless leader Don Juan who was able to use Psychology to avoid any serious complications!! The other two buses carried on relentlessly….actually we discovered a casino and the good news is that Wayne won $21.30 and Irm won $5.10 (all for the good of Rotary!). We arrived in Nogales, which is on the Phoenix/Mexican border, and met up with our Rotary colleagues from Grande Prairie…the other fun bunch!! We actually lost Barrie to the pool…and to the girls from the north….our lips are sealed. What happens in Nogales , stays in Nogales!


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Mazatlan Newspaper Story

The three Amigos were mentioned towards the end of a March 12th story in the Mazatlan Noroeste – Translated to English for us Inglés folks.

Conceived as a project for the medium term and with the support of the municipality, the Shares Projects Committee Rotary is promoting the creation of three new parks in Mazatlan.

“We want to form a circuit for recreational sports and family recreation in the vicinity of Estero and Colonia Infiernillo Toledo Corro,” the president of the Rotary Club Mazatlan, José de Jesús Sánchez Reynoso.

He is also Chairman of Rotary Shared Projects explained that the creation of parks Jon B. Grant and Rotary Plaza Alejandro González Lie, this project began in 2006 continued in 2009 and 2011 is resumed.

The third park would be named Allan Kuechle, the fourth Mario Huerta and the fifth the José Fosados  García, each with a particular theme but the common denominator being wooded areas with species of the region.

“The idea is that the park is a heavily wooded area, a playground, a center, we brought a project that we saw recently, as the Rotary Plaza we saw elsewhere, in this case we favor shade trees causing and the recreational, “he explained.

Reynoso Sanchez emphasized that the extent to which resources flow contributed by the Rotary clubs abroad who support Mazatlan and local clubs will be conducting these projects.

More donations coming. Rotary clubs in Mazatlan and have everything ready for the celebration of the ninth visit of the four Rotary Clubs in the city of Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada.

This time we have a new group Lethbrige Rotary Club, and together with the Rotary Sunrise City, Grande Prairie and Swan City bring to donate 10 vehicles and a number of items for people with disabilities.

“It is amazing the generosity and interest that these people for helping to Mazatlan and this time the donations will also benefit other municipalities,” said Castulo Osuna, Rotary Club representative (is the President) of Mazatlan.

For the efforts of the sister clubs, vehicles were achieved for municipalities of Salvador Alvarado and El Rosario, Sinaloa, and Tepic, Nayarit.

Mazatlan addition of DIF, the Municipal Hospital and the Veterans Fire Mazatlan, this year will be supported first by donating a truck Vineyard Christian community in Mazatlan.

Donations: Some of the donations for this year.

5 School Buses
3 Ambulances
1 Fire Truck
1 Truck with wheelchair lift
15 Special Wheelchairs
3 Hydraulic Elevators patients



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Sunday March 20th, 2011

Going to Church…

Following a delightful breakfast (it’s not always about eating but…)  we attended “La Vina”  church  where we experienced a spiritual rendition of “La Bamba” and presented the keys to them for the “Chic bus” (aka the Smokin bus). 6000 peso (~$500) were also donated to their Children’s School mission. Hallelua!!

Don, Jim and Richard along with a Grande Prairie contingent, had lunch at El Quelite (a small village on the other side of the Tropic of Cancer). Meanwhile Rita went with  Wayne and Barrie to have a late lunch on the beach with Seleana’s family. She is the current exchange student in the Lethbridge club.

Sunrise, in a very symbolic ceremony at Plaza Rotaria “Kokin”, presented the keys for the 3 buses to:

  • La Vina
  • Club Rotario Tepic Nayar
  • Club Rotario El Rosario

Of note is that this Rotary Plaza is named after Rotarian Alejandro Gonzalezlie (aka “Konkin”) who remains very active at age 87! WOW…

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Saturday March 19th, 2011

Safe at last!! Here at last!!

Some people partied…some people slept. Barrie had the best start to his day after a bird sh_ _ on his head! Good thing he has a good sense of humor! Welcome to Mexico Barrie!!

Richard took Don and Jim to “Padres  y Compadres” where they met an amzing lady named “Rita” who has developed a complex treatment facility for individuals with multiple disabilities.  We’ll hear more about her in the future….stay tuned.

In preparation for supper, we checked out the patio bar  at the hotel. Playa Bruja was the venue for our seafood extravaganza overlooking the ocean Jim and others were seen dancing!

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